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The list below summarizes past programs offered by GRIVA and this is just the last decade of GRIVA programming!    GRIVA has provided educational opportunities to its members since the 1980’s.

Colonial Virginia Huguenots: Janice Lorenz & Nancy Brennan, December 2022

A History of Thanksgiving: Hailey Fenner, November, 2022

Discovering the Story of Immigration: Jennifer Anielski, October, 2022

One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools: Stephen Morse, May 2022

Native American Discoveries at Jamestown: David M. Givens, April 2022

Black & White Southern Families in Southern Plantation Records: Ari Wilkins, March 2022

The Power of Personal Stories: Nancy Wright Beasley, November 2021

The Archives at the Virginia War Memorial: Kyndall Drumheller, October 2021

The Southern Migration – 1790 – 1914: Dr. Edward Ayers, September 2021

Jamestown Rediscovery – the 1617 James Fort: David Givens, May 2021

Researching the Digital Collection at the Library of Virginia: Ashley Ramey, April 2021

Gilmer Maps:  Their History and Their Uses:  Cassandra Farrell, March 2021 

Winter Luncheon Book List, January 2021  

The Central Rappahannock Center:  Beth Daly, November  2020 

Quaker Records and Migration:  Craig R Scott, October 2020  

Ancestors on the Move and How to Find Them:  Annette Burke Lyttle, Fall Conference 2020

Using Maps in Your Genealogical Research:  Dory Klein, September 2020

Off The Beaten Track:  Betty Owensby, May 2020

Winter Luncheon, January 2020

Tour of Library of Virginia, December 2019

The Civil War Experiences and Civilian History of Colonel Edmund Winchester Rucker: Mike Rucker, November 2019

17th Century Medicine OR I Fix What Ails You:  Terry Marr, October 2019

Oral History:  Greg McQuade, September 2019

Researching in Chesterfield County Virginia:  Angela Wilderman and Lori Purcell, May 2019

Professional Living Historian:  Rachel Stanton, March 2019

Richard Young, Richmond’s First Official Surveyor:  Cassandra Farrell and Leslie Courtois,  April 2019

Woman’s History:  Frances Wright:  Carolyn Eastman, Ph.D., March 2019

Winter Luncheon, January 2019

On location at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, December 2018

Decode Your Past Using DNA:  Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D, J.D. Fall Conference 2018

Understanding Your Ancestry – Genographic Project Results to Date:  
Miguel Vilar, Ph.D., October 2018

Crowdsoucing at the Library of Virginia:  Sonya Coleman, September 2018

Summer Luncheon, June 2018

Care and Interpretation of Heirloom Textiles: Colleen Callahan, May 2018

Exploring Virginia’s Weather History: John Boyer, April 2018

The Great War:  Researching Your WWI Ancestor:  Michael Strauss, March 2018

Quaker Records and Migration:  Craig Scott, October 2017 

The Virginia Court System Prior to 1902: Minor Weisinger, MA, September 2017 

Virginia Militia Records, Colonial Period to WWI:  Tom Crew, May 2017

The Littlepage Journals: An Unanticipated Adventure in Genealogy:  Bibb C. Edwards, April 2017

History, Heritage and Healing – Nat Turner’s Bible: A Family Story:  Mark Person, March 2017

The Germanna Colonies in Virginia:  Dale Sayers, November 2016

No Man (or Woman) is an Island: Putting Your Ancestors in Context: Michael D. Lacopo, Fall Conference, October 2016

Genealogy Research at the State Archives of NC: Douglas Brown, October 2016

Photo Forensics in Richmond, 1861-1865: Michael Gorman, September 2016

Summer Luncheon, June 2016

Kentucky Genealogy Research at the Archives and Beyond:  Barbara Teague, May 2016   (MO)

A Case Study in Descendancy Research:  Michael Strauss, April 2016 

Plan for Success, Looking for Family in All the Right Places:  Mark Lowe, Spring Conference, April 2016

Looking Beyond the Census:  Places Your Ancestors May Be Hiding: Betty German, March 2016

Winter Luncheon, January 2016

Using the Library of Virginia’s Website: Kathy Jordan, November 2015

Writing and Telling the Story of Those in Our Family Tree:   Connie Lapallo, October 2015  (MO)

Revolutionary War Records:  Bevin Creel, September 2015 

Summer Luncheon, June 2015

Navigating Family Search: May 2015

Justifiable Family History:  Judy G. Russell, J.D., November 2014

Using Original Documents as Discovery Tools:
Thomas E Camden, November 2014

Bluegrass: Roots and Rhythm: Sig Williams and Company, October 2014

Preservation Puzzles: Paulette Schwarting, September 2014

Computer Programs – Workshop: May 2014

Fishing for Genealogy on Pinterest:  May 2014 

Creating Family History Books on the Computer: Greg Waehner, April 2014

History of Bruton Parish Church with Genealogy Resources: Tony Williams, March 2014 

Genetic Genealogy (DNA):  December 2013   

Crossing the Pond: Searching for England and Ireland:  Paul Milner, October 2013

John Smith’s Maps, November 2012

Secrets of the Mysterious Photographs:  Maureen Taylor, October 2012

North Carolina Research: May 2013  (MO)

Chancery Records of Augusta County, September 2012

Strategies for Finding Hidden Ancestors: Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., October 2011